TE100DGBUS /  #22640   (NJ)

-  50 Ton detachable gooseneck bus hauler

If you are in the Towing or Hauling industry and are looking for a multi-purpose low boy trailer, look no further.  TRAIL-EZE Trailers manufactures a TE80DGBUS (40 ton - 80,000# concentrated in 16') and a TE100DGBUS (50 ton - 100,000# concentrated in 16') version.  When we first designed this trailer, our main objective was a safe and practical way to haul buses without having to tow them (which could possibly damage them).  With a 22" loaded deck height from the front of the main deck to the very rear of the trailer, we were able to perfect this goal!!  Once we knew we could haul buses, we knew that the possibilities were endless.  It wasn't long and our customers were calling us left and right, explaining how versatile this trailer really is.  With winch options on the neck and the rear of the trailer, this trailer also doubles as a recovery trailer.  Cranes, dump trucks, fire trucks, excavators, dozers and buses are just a few of the different types of equipment the TE80DGBUS and TE100DGBUS are capable of transporting.
TRAIL-EZE Trailers is a CUSTOM trailer manufacturer, meaning we build the trailer to your spec so that the trailer is right for you!!


Overall Length : 53'

Width : 102"

Bed Length : 25' 6"

Capacity : 100,000 Lb Concentrated in 16'

5th Wheel Height : 50"

King Pin Setting : 14"

Swing Clearance : 86"

Deck Height : 22"


Winch : 20,000 Lb Braden located at rear of neck / 2-Function wireless remote

Deck : 1 1/2" Apitong

Axles : (3) 25,000 Lb

Brakes : 12 1/4" x 7 1/2" Air (2S/1M)

Suspension : Air ride

Tires : (12) 235/75R x 17.5 Cooper/Roadmaster

Wheels : (6) 6.75 x 17.5 Machined Aluminum (Inside) / (6) 6.75 x 17.5 Polished Aluminum (Outside)

Electrical : LED Light system / Rear strobes with battery backup / Work lights mounted on winch / (2) Extra running lights per side of trailer / Flasher light kit to run when neck is unhooked off battery backup

Tie Downs : 7 D-Rings each side of bed / 1 each bolster / 1 each side of rear of RG / Chain slots 24" o/c

Paint : Trailer sandblasted, primed and painted Viper Red PPG Paint with Black outriggers

Options : (2) Piece aluminum ramps / Chain rack in base / (2) Storage baskets in front of bed with lids / Mechanical air scale / CAT'S Eyes on axles / Air lift on 3rd axle / Paver style main beams / Boom tray 1/4" / (1) Storage in rear of bed / Bucket well with removable 1/4" steel plate and (2) D-rings on inner web

Warranty : A Copy Is Available Upon Request From The Factory