Warranty Info

TRAIL-EZE, Inc. has released a revised warranty valid on all trailers shipped 9/1/16 and after.  TRAIL-EZE, Inc.  requires that trailers have a warranty registration card submitted within 10 days of trailer being purchased, for a copy of the updated warranty registration, click here.

All trailers shipped prior to 9/1/16 are subject to TRAIL-EZE, Inc. previous warranty, for a copy click here.


Information required:

Trailer Model & Serial Number
Provide photographs of issue
If possible, an estimate on cost to repair trailer


TRAIL-EZE, Inc.  may require photographs of the problem for review BEFORE authorization is given for repairs.


TRAIL-EZE, Inc. Warranty Department MUST authorize repairs or service BEFORE they are performed. Failure to establish authorization may result in partial or complete loss of warranty coverage claims.


Once authorization is granted, get repairs completed as soon as possible. Submit completion photographs, if previously requested, and a copy of your bill.