TE70FG - TE100FG

The  Folding Gooseneck is coming back.  A trailer that was the "go-to" in the early days, is making a major comeback.  Contractors hauling multiple pieces of equipment requiring a low load angle, have asked for many different options to make it the revisited "go-to" trailer.  TRAIL-EZE Trailers has been working with the Railroad and Paving Industries, as well as Government and Military entities, for many years to perfect the design. 


Capacity : TE70FG - 70,000 Lb capacity - 2 axle

Capacity : TE100FG - 100,000 Lb capacity - 3 axle

Main Bed Length : 20'-26'

Upper Deck Length : 9'-8"

Width : 8'-6"

Swing Clearance : 82"

King Pin Setting : 16"

Deck Height : 39 1/2" - (unloaded single drop)

Deck Height : 30" - (unloaded double drop)


Frame : All high tensile steel. Custom manufactured beams designed for stress loads at a minimum of a 2:1 safety factor.

Deck : 2" Oak decking attached to crossmembers with two torx head screws. Load bearing wheel bolsters between each axle.

Folding Neck : Twin arm folding neck, allows full length of neck to lay on the ground. Arms pivot around free floating steel pins which are able to rotate with either the arms or the main trailer structure.

Loading Pins : Safety pin is located in the arms to hold trailer in an upright position when not supported by a towing vehicle. Also, to help dampen "fore and aft" oscillation when empty.

Axles : 25,000 Lb

Brakes : 16 1/2" x 7" Air, outboard drums

Wheels : 8.25 x 22.5 Disc pilot mounted

Tires : 255/70R x 22.5 Low profiles

Suspension : Air ride with dump

Tie Downs : 5 Per side of deck bed and one on each bolster

Electrical : ICC D.O.T. Sealed beam light and reflector kit

Paint : Trailer sandblasted, primed and painted

Warranty : Limited 5 Year Major Structural Warranty

Options : Many Options Available