The industry changing, TRAIL-EZE XTS, is the extended low-angle tail, with the closed or spread axle function, all-in-one trailer exclusively from TRAIL-EZE Trailers (with the newly patented design).  TE70XTS (35 ton capacity) and TE80XTS (40 ton capacity).

Are you experiencing problems being overloaded on the rear tandems of your current hydraulic tail trailer?  Well, problem solved!!  When the scale shows an overload on the rear tandem of the TRAIL-EZE XTS, unlock the front axle and slide it forward to the 8'-2" setting for a new legal load with increased capacities from 34,000# to 38,000#.  You also have the option of sliding the front axle fully forward, to the 10'-2" setting, which increases the legal load on the last 2 axles from 34,000# to 40,000#.

After you have completed your haul, simply unlock the axle; slide the air lock; pull foward; reapply the air locks so the tandems are in the closed position and proceed to use the trailer as you normally would, as a closed tandem hydraulic tail trailer.


Capacity : TE70XTS - 70,000 Lb distributed / 40,000 Lb concentrated in 10'

Capacity : TE80XTS - 80,000 Lb distributed / 50,000 Lb concentrated in 10'

Overall Length : 40' to 53'

Main Deck Length : 19' to 32'

Upper Deck Length : 8'

UD Slope : 1'-6"

Width : 8'-6"

Hydraulic Tail : 11'-3"

Flip Under Ramp : 5'


Frame : All MF80 hi-tensile steel. Custom manufactured beams designed for stress loads at a minimum of two times rated capacity.

Deck : 1 1/2" Oak decking attached to every crossmember with two Torx head screws. 1/4" Steel tread plate covers the wheel area and 5' flip under with 1/4" punched star plate.

16’ Hydraulic Tail : (11' with a 5' flip under) - full width main tail hinge pin. The tail will carry 20,000 lbs 4' back from the hinge pin. Exclusive locking device allows for great ground clearance.

Axles : (2) 22,500 Lb Capacity with oil seal hubs

Brakes : 12 1/4" x 7 1/2" Air. Outboard drums with ABS, auto slack adjusters and spring brakes.

Wheels : (8) 6.75 x 17.5 Disc - pilot mounted

Tires : (8) 235/75R x 17.5 16-Ply radials

Landing Gear : Pin drop

Suspension : Air ride with raise and lower valve

Tie Downs : Choice of D-rings, stakepockets or chain slots on 4' centers.

Winch : 12,000 Lb winch mounted center front of upper deck with wireless remote. Controls are located on driver's side of upper deck.

Tool Box : (1) Tool box with lid located on the upper deck driver's side in front

Electrical : ICC D.O.T. Standard sealed beam system with mid-ship turn signal

Paint : Trailer sandblasted, primed and painted

Warranty : Limited 5 Year Major Structural Warranty